Diploma in Reflexology

Diploma  Code: RFX 100


Title: Diploma in Reflexology

Duration: 400 Clock Hours / 12 months

Description: An ancient therapy used in China, Egypt, and India, Reflexology provides effective, holistic treatment for both common and more serious disorders. According to the theory behind Reflexology, the hands and feet are microcosms of the body, containing points or zones that relate to individual glands, nerves, muscles, and organs. Reflexology harnesses the body’s healing energy by stimulating specific pressure points on the hands and feet, alleviating the energy blocks that can cause pain or disability and restoring optimum health.”The Reflexology Manual”, is the practical text used to guide the reader in mastering these self-help techniques. Color photographs illustrate a full reflexology treatment step by step. In addition to the theory, the student will receive step by step video instruction on how to complete a session from preparation of feet to filling in the session sheet.


  • Completion of required reading assignments, tests and 20 case studies
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examinations


  • High School Diploma
  • Fluent in the English language
Course Code Course Title Duration Method of Delivery
BIZ 101 Business Ethics 25 Clock Hours Online
APP 102 Custom Introduction to Human Body 150 Clock Hours Online
RFX 101 Reflexology Theory & Video instruction 150 Clock Hours Online
INT 101 20 case studies & 1000 word dissertation 75 Clock Hours Online



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Title: Custom Introduction to the Human Body

Author: Tortora

In this, the human body—with all of its parts, organs, and functions—is shown in detailed, scientifically correct full-color illustrations. Fifteen separate sections examine both male and female bodies as follows: Human cell structure… General anatomical features … Skeleton and musculature … Digestive system … Respiratory system … Circulatory system … Blood … Lymphatic system … Nervous system … Sensory organs … Urinary system … Genital organs … Human reproduction … Endocrine system … Immunological system. Hundreds of illustrations make this book a handy home reference.


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Title: The Reflexology Manual: An Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to the Hands and Feet

Author: Pauline Wills

Clear illustrations show how body organs and functions are mirrored in reflex points. The photographs and drawings are easy to follow and precise. Features include healing routines and illustrations to guide the student through the entire course. The course introduces the basics and benefits of acupressure and reflexology, showing the student, step-by-step, how to nurture emotional and physical well being in those seeking help and relief through reflexology. Modules concentrate on how to target specific body parts in order to address select ailments and improve emotional as well as physical well being. This book is also accompanied by an ebook from CIHS.


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Reflexology Workbook Title: Reflexology Companion Workbook

Author: CIHS

Type: Ebook

This companion ebook accompanies the textbook The Reflexology Manual: An Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to the Healing Zones of the Hands and Feet, and is included in the price of the Diploma program. It contains additional materials to help the reader understand the subject matter.

Included in Course Tuition


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Title: Quick Medical Terminology, 5th Edition

Author: Steiner

Make learning medical terminology faster and more fun with Quick Medical Terminology, 5th Edition! This book helps you begin reading, writing, and speaking medical terms in the shortest time possible. Small chunks of information are always followed immediately by exercises, so students will be learning “every minute!” The many puzzles, activities, and games make it easier to understand and remember terminology. Written in a clear, conversational style by Steiner, this book gives you the tools to communicate effectively in the health care environment.This textbook is also used with course MED 101S bought separately, found under certificate courses.


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Aromatherapy Theory Title: Aromatherapy Theory

Author: Linda Henderson

This comprehensive 350 page ebook consists of materials and information collected over the 25 year history that the author has been in practice using Natural Medicine. Aromatherapy was the first of Linda’s many designations and she still uses essential oils today in her busy practice. The book contains the History of Essential Oils, Olfactory Process, the Limbic System, Absorption through the skin, The Lymphatic System, Methods of extraction, Essential Oil Production and Adulteration, Effective application, Safety Guidelines and Contra-Indications, Glossary of Therapeutic Action, Carrier/Base Oils, Varied Applications, Classification of Plants, Therapeutic Grade essential oils, Chemistry of essential oils, Chemical constituents of some commonly used essential oils, Essential Oil Monographs, Anise to Ylang Ylang, Common conditions aided by Aromatherapy, Compresses, Poultices, Pregnancy, Children/Babies, Fragrant way to Beauty, The Aromatherapy Massage, and finishes with the Aromatherapy Consultation.

This book is included in Course tuition


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