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Linda HendersonName: Linda Henderson

Credentials: DNM, R.TCM, R.Ac, ROHP, RBT, OSJ

Position: Dean of CIHS – Department Head of Biofeedback

Linda’s path to teaching began at age 17 when she became the youngest teacher ever hired by the local School Board. From there her journey in Natural Medicine led her to study on four different continents.

She currently holds the position as the Dean and Director of Training & Educational Development and Senior Instructor for CIHS.  She continues to teach and share with students all around the world.

Linda is also owner & head practitioner of Halton Holistic Healthcare. She is a Homeopath, is registered in Acupuncture and TCM, a Diploma in Naturopathy, a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Registered Biofeedback Therapist and holds numerous certifications from around the world in hypnotherapy, therapeutic touch, kinesiology, healing touch, aromatherapy and reflexology.

In 2005 she was ordained as a Dame of Merit through the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller. She has worked diligently with her clients for over 25 years to uncover the reasons for their stressors, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.


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Dr. Randy McCreadyName: Dr. Randy McCreary

Credentials: PhD, DNM

Position: Department Head of Neurotherapy

Dr. McCreary, PhD, DNM has studied the interplay between the mind, spirit and body and its impact on both the development and reversal of disease conditions for the past 15 years. He has brought this vast information together into an effective format known as Neurotherapy. This self healing energetic psychological protocol deals with the optimization of the interplay between the Mind, Spirit and Body of the individual.

Dr. McCreary is also a highly sought after international speaker, author and educator on various topics within the field of health and wellness. He is renowned for his ability to powerfully impact his audiences through knowledge, humour, common sense and compassion.

Dr. McCreary has personally been involved in developing and overseeing the establishment of several integrative energetic clinics, as well as performing groundbreaking research in the field of quantum medicine, various fields of psychology, the mind’s role in the healing process, as well as energetic integrative healing protocols and their efficacy.

Most importantly to Dr. McCreary, beyond the degrees and the science, comes the import of the individual. Whether through his humanitarian service in third world countries or his one on one work with individuals over the past two decades, the worth of the individual is ultimately understood and prized above all.


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Dr. James MeschinoName: Dr. James Meschino

Credentials: DC, ROHP, DNM

Position: Department Head of Orthomolecular Medicine and Medicine

Dr. Meschino is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Naturopathy, holds a Masters Degree in Science with specialties in medicine and biology, and is a fellow of the Academy of Anti-Aging Research. He is an associate professor, in the division of biochemistry and physiology, at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, where he has taught medicine and natural medicine courses since 1984.

He is the author of The Meschino Optimal Living Program: 7 Steps To A Healthy, Fit Age-Resistant Body, as well as three other books on health, wellness, and anti-aging. Dr Meschino has taught and coordinated the second year health course at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a faculty member of the American Council on Exercise.


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Dr. Anthony Speroni

Name: Dr. Anthony Speroni

Credentials: ND, NHD

Position: Department Head of Bioenergetic Medicine (posthumous)

Anthony Speroni began practice in complementary and alternative medicine in 1976, when he stepped out of the classrooms at the University of Miami, Florida, and into the treating rooms at the Clinical Hypnosis and Biofeedback Therapy Center of North Miami Beach.

In early 2005, Anthony Speroni invested in some of the most advanced and sophisticated biofeedback equipment in the world. In early 2006, encouraged further in his career by the advancements in bioenergetic science and medicine, Dr. Anthony Speroni completed his second, complementary and alterative medicine doctorate degree – Doctor of Natural Health. He also completed his advanced training for certification as a biofeedback practitioner.

In 2007, Dr. Speroni was the first practitioner to introduce to Central Florida a French-invented medical measuring device, the Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) System. Anthony used to travel around the country holding specialized CAM classes that were designed to show health care practitioners (in all disciplines) how to incorporate still-surviving, ancient, health care techniques with modern, all natural, completely safe, non-invasive approaches. Additionally, he provided data on how to smoothly introduce such tools into their respective practices. His goal was always to educate other practitioners on a variety of modern computer hardware instruments, software programs, advanced information technologies, and world-class, top of the line, bioenergetic devices, in ways that would lead them to truly enrich their services. By utilizing this new information with such advanced tools, practitioners become empowered to create more comfortable, beneficial results for their patients and clients. He is truly missed by students, faculty and collegues from around the world. His family continues to receive royalties from all his courses that he developed for CIHS.


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Name: Dr. Nabhraj Spogliarich
Credentials: PhD
Position: Department Head of Biochemistry



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Janet Amare

Name: Janet Amare
Credentials: Healer, Author, BSc, DNM
Position: Department Head of Biology and Energy Medicine

Janet is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, an intuitive healer specializing in Energy Medicine, an expert in early childhood and past life regression, and a certified hypnotist. She has 25 years clinical experience and is known as “the best of the best” spiritual healers for her ability to quickly identify and transform cellular energy to heal bodies, hearts, and minds. Her background in adult education allows her to create powerful learning experiences. Her students appreciate her talent in transferring her natural abilities in channeling, intuition, energy sensing, and healing to her students. Participants complete Janet’s course with a complete toolbox of skills to facilitate healing in their clients and earn an income in their own practice.


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Name: Michelle Schoffro Cook

Credentials: DNM, DAc, CNC, CITP

Position: Faculty Advisor

Michelle Schoffro Cook is a best-selling and six-time author, whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, and The Brain Wash. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Holistic Nutritionist, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Schoffro Cook and her work has been featured on/in over 350 television and radio programs, magazines, newspapers, and online publications including a biweekly “Natural Medicine” column on CBC Radio for four years. She is also a receipient of a World Leading Intellectual Award for her contribution to and innovation in the field of natural medicine.


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Name: Thorton W.J.A. Streeter

Position: Faculty Advisor

CEO and Founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences established 1998 at UNESCO Chairholder World Peace Centre, Maharastra Institute of Technology Pune 124 Paud Road, MH India.

Faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of Aura Health Human bio energetic field Research.

Electro- Crystal Therapy Diploma PIP Biofield Imaging Diploma and Qualified trainer Bio- Energetic Stress Test Diploma Bio- meridian USA. British Register of Complementary Practitioners GDV qualified practitioner.

St Petersburg Russia Member and Representative of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography.
RFI diploma, Lancaster USA Doctor of Science, Mumbai India. Special Advisor to Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine ICNM London.

Member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.
Program Committee for All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology ‘s National Seminar on Scientific validation and Technical evaluation of Ancient Medical Systems.
Advisory Board, Uniting Technologies USA. Advisory Board BodyTalk International USA Visiting Professor at the Medical School, St George’s University, Grenada.

Visiting Lecturer at Westminster University, Department of Integrated Medicine, London UK Invited to be a Visiting Lecturer at the School of Medicine, St. Georges University, Grenada.
Student thesis guide and scientist researcher with AISBBS and, NGO with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Board of Directors of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine (NAAcEM).


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