Diploma in Botanical Medicine

Diploma Code: DBM 100


Title: Diploma in Botanical Medicine

Duration: 1025 Clock Hours / 24 months

Description: Students will receive the bulk of their theoretical learning through cutting edge learning packages consisting of University Level textbooks and extensive online instruction.


  • Completion of required reading assignments, online tests and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of 25 case studies and 2500 word dissertation on one successful case study
  • A  passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examinations


  • High School Diploma
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Registered/licensed health practitioners may receive exemption from parts of this program providing a transcript from a registered educational institution is sent to CIHS in advance of registration.
Course Code Course Title Duration Method of Delivery
BIZ 101 Business Ethics 15 clock hours Online
MED 101 Medical Terminology 50 clock hours Online
APP 102  Introduction to the Human Body (abridged) includes Wiley + 150 clock hours Online
BCM 101 Chemistry / Biochemistry 250 clock hours Online
BOT 101 Medical Herbalism 250 clock hours Online
CGO 100 Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy 120 Clock Hours Online
ARO 101 Aromatherapy Blending 150 Clock Hours Online
INT 101 25 Case Studies & 2000 word Dissertation 50 Clock Hours Online



Basic Introduction to the Human Body
Title: Basic Introduction to the Human Body

Author: Custom Print Product for CIHS – includes Wiley +

ISBN: 978-1-118-42828-3

Type: Printed

Price (CAD): 111.95

The Basic Introduction to the Human Body enables allied health professionals to efficiently and effectively master the essentials of anatomy and physiology as well as understand the balance between homeostasis and disruptions to homeostasis. Features such as Looking Back to Move Ahead help refresh basic concepts and make connections from system to system and concept to concept. Rich in clinical resources that highlight disruptions to homeostasis, the book also includes a special section in each chapter that focuses on Wellness. These unique discussions help allied health professionals make the connections between knowledge of form and function with optimal healthy choices.

Softcover / 273 pages

Note: CIHS is pleased to offer this text as well as access to the Wiley + Online Classroom at a special reduced student rate. This special pricing for the text and access to Wiley + is only available for purchase through the College

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Title: Gemmotherapy and Oligotherapy for Natural Health Practitioners

Author: Dr. Anthony Speroni

This book is not about using gemstones for healing. The word gemmotherapy is derived from the Latin “gemma,” (bud), and Greek “therapeia” (medical treatment). Gemmotherapy is a modern medical intervention focusing on the cause of disease. Its remedies are a type of extremely potent herbal products manufactured principally from embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs; but also from seeds, catkins, rootlets, and sap. This book is about scientifically-based, real medicine and powerful therapeutic agents. It is a must read for professional or laypeople who want to know about gemmotherapy and oligotherapy! It serves at the core of a college curriculum designed for medical doctors, naturopaths, and other healthcare professionals in mainstream and complementary and alternative medicines. It is a fascinating, well written book providing readers with valuable reference tables and data about how to confidently and effectively incorporate gemmotherapy into a clinical or consultation-based practice.

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General Chemistry
Title: General, Organic and Biological Chemistry, an Integrated Approach 4E

Author: Kenneth W. Raymond

A whole new twist on General, Organic and Biological Chemistry! Introducing a unique approach, with a whole new twist designed for the specific needs of the General, Organic, and Biochemistry course! Kenneth Raymond’s General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry offers a concise, manageable, highly effective alternative with an integrated Table of Contents. Now, students can get to the biochemistry topics earlier, better appreciate how the course relates to careers in allied heath, and see connections among these three areas of chemistry.The text presents interrelated topics from general, organic, and biochemistry in the same or adjacent chapters. This highly integrated approach reduces excess review, and enables students to explore biochemical topics earlier in the course. The result is a briefer, more focused, and more engaging text. Raymond takes a much applied approach, filled with real-life examples that effectively connect the chemistry to future careers in health-related fields. Chapter-opening vignettes focus on the link between chemistry and everyday topics. Online videos and articles from ScienCentral connect the chemistry presented in the text to current events. Concise, readable chunks of text make the book accessible for a wide range of students.

Note: CIHS is pleased to offer this text as well as access to the Wiley + Online Classroom at a special reduced student rate. This special pricing for the text and access to Wiley + is only available for purchase through the College.

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Title:Gemmotherapy and Oligotherapy Regenerators of Dying Intoxicated Cells:Tridosha of Cellular Regeneration

Author: Marcus Greaves

Marcus A. Greaves, B.S., N.M.D., began his career as an allopathic doctor. After practicing for many years in allopathic medicine, he chose alternative medicine and became a holistic practitioner. Dr.Greaves graduated from medical school in France in 1968.Gemmae is the French word for bud. In this type of therapy the young shoots and/or buds of trees and shrubs are picked in the springtime and macerated in a glycerin and alcohol solution. After about one month the mother tincture is prepared as a 1x dilution. It is more akin to an herbal rather than a homeopathic remedy, having more of a biochemical effect on the body. The remedy is then given to the patient to facilitate drainage of the primary emunctories of the body, i.e. Lungs, Liver and Kidneys. This therapy is very effective for Americans who carry a large burden of toxins around with them and whose energy is depleted by too much stress and overwork.

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Aromatherapy TheoryTitle: Aromatherapy Theory

Author: Linda Henderson

This comprehensive 350 page ebook consists of materials and information collected over the 25 year history that the author has been in practice using Natural Medicine. Aromatherapy was the first of Linda’s many designations and she still uses essential oils today in her busy practice. The book contains the History of Essential Oils, Olfactory Process, the Limbic System, Absorption through the skin, The Lymphatic System, Methods of extraction, Essential Oil Production and Adulteration, Effective application, Safety Guidelines and Contra-Indications, Glossary of Therapeutic Action, Carrier/Base Oils, Varied Applications, Classification of Plants, Therapeutic Grade essential oils, Chemistry of essential oils, Chemical constituents of some commonly used essential oils, Essential Oil Monographs, Anise to Ylang Ylang, Common conditions aided by Aromatherapy, Compresses, Poultices, Pregnancy, Children/Babies, Fragrant way to Beauty, The Aromatherapy Massage, and finishes with the Aromatherapy Consultation.

This book is included in Course tuition.

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Title: Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy

Author:Sue Clarke B.Sc. Ph.D

This new edition of Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy provides an accessible account of the key theoretical aspects of chemistry and their application into the safe practice of aromatherapy. For readers with a limited science background, this book offers a clear and concisely written guide to essential information in chemistry. For practitioners, the book applies chemistry to the practical and therapeutic use of essential oils, and leads to a better understanding of composition, properties and technical data related to essential oils.

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Title: Aromatherapy for Health Professionals

Author: Len Price, Shirley Price

This book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to aromatherapy as practiced in modern health care settings, providing valuable information for any health professional who wants to learn about the subject. It provides the in-depth knowledge needed to begin using essential oils in the practice environment.

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